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Synthetic Proteomics, Inc., is a peptide company dedicated to meeting new demands in research, such as long custom synthetic peptides and various complex peptides. These may be hydrophobic membrane peptides, beta peptides,   cyclic peptides, and  ligated peptides   for academic researcher and biopharmaceutical companies to use as research tools for drug discovery, or drug delivery, as well as for protein structural studies.

Combining over 28 years in custom peptide synthesis and analytical chemistry, our group of scientists use a wide diversitype of  chemical processes to provide our customers world-wide with  the highest quality of peptides in a short turn around-time and at very competitive prices .

Synthetic Proteomics, Inc., uses, t-Boc chemistry and Fmoc chemistry as well as other relevant approaches to produce the required products in either solid phase or solution phase,  ranging from milligram, to kilogram quantities. 

We offer various synthesis modifications including :

 1. Phosphorylation, sulfation and

      glycosylation .

 2. Cyclization, with single or multiple disulfide                          

     bridges, head to tail and side chain.

 3. Incorporation of chromophores

 4. Fluorescent dyes/fluorogenic groups

 5. Conjugation to a carrier proteins, KLH, BSA.

 6. Incorporation  of D-enantiomers and                       

     unusual amino acids .

 7. Labeling with stable isotopes C-13 and N-15

 8. Pegylated peptides

 9. N-terminal modifications modifications :    

     Acetylated, Biotinylated, Bromoacetylated,

     Formylated , Myristolated, and succinylated





addition of any fatty acids. Specific labeling with various molecules, peptide cyclization, and conjugations to protein carriers BSA, KLH, orother carier for antibody productions . 






Synthetic Proteomics

Focuses primarily on custom synthesis of  membrane  peptides and long peptides, cylic peptides,

In addition to ligated peptides and beta peptides , and unusual peptides

Synthetic Proteomics , Inc.